3108 Griffin Avenue – Asses & Elbows = Full steam ahead as we tackle Kitchen Design, Exterior Prep and Paint, and some twists…..

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The pass through between the dining room and the kitchen has now been opened up and we will be putting in 42 inch cabinets with a pass through and wine rack. Opening it up as high as was possible and widening it as wide as we can really opens up the room.

The kitchen into what is an enlarge version of the original pantry (about double the size) with windows added at rear.  now that this area has a header and supports it will allow us to build out the wall in the kitchen to match and allow for one long cabinet run along the back wall.  The single window is being removed to accommodate this and we will be removing 1 of the 2 rearmost windows



The layout of the new kitchen shows the long run of cabinets that will go into the pantry area, the new bar area in the dining room wall and the cabinet layout.  Sometimes it is best to see a floorplan to get an idea.


This view of the “long run” of cabinets shows about how the kitchen will looks once all cabinets are intalled.  Note that the existing window is longer and will be kept.


This 1933 Portrait (school perhaps) was found in a kitchen wall where it may have slid off a counter top.  We now have a spirit guide/mascot.  What to call him?  Pretty cool regardless!


What is “sistering”  have you heard the term before?  Sistering of the joists is commonly done on older homes to strengthen or level the floors.  Many times joists can become weak from holes drilled in them to add in electrical and additional plumbing.  This can make them week and it is good practice to strengthen them again as we will be adding in new plumbing and electrical for can lights.  This view is between the upper and lower hall baths.

See? What had happened was……..



2nd Bedroom Upstairs – whoops.  Nobody knows how it happened of course…..me things a foot but the plaster was weak enough here to not surprise us if it just gave way.  Looks like drywall will be in order now…..$$$$



….and this……

Oh yeah.  This plaster was pulling of the lathe behind it.  It had to come down.  More drywall to the rescue here.










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